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  Tuesday, April 24, 2007  
Walk In The (Church fundraisers) Spirit

Do asked never why you have therefore a lotdifficolt�che you live the life that Christian wished living? Why�pi� it easy to continue in the old sense that living "the newvitain Jesus"? How understood this conflict and like the sormontateones? Viverela life that is going to count for something in theeternity questedomande must be answered to Must be overcomer ofcarneed world.

In the its letter to the church in Galatiataught Paulha they "to walk in the spirit and the ye not compir�illust of the meat". Galatians 5:16. That continuous toesseretoday.

In relative every one Christians who life isone guerracostante here that continues between the old nature, themeat, against the nuovanatura, the spirit indwelling of the God. Notthere is conflict until chequalcuno does not open their heart to thegetlteman Jesus Christ and the chiedadentro like they savior. At thatmoment you are not more "being umanogiusto" that hour you are a childof the God and indwelt with its spiritosanto. Hour you can discern thespiritose things. You can understand the cosespiritose and theopposite spirit to the spirit with the Saint spirit che� in you. Moreyou are not to the misericordia of old meat. Orapotete to be overcomerand a living your life to the glory to diGod.

There are manyChristians who do not understand that laloro salvation is but thebeginning. They believe that they have been conserved dainferno andthat one is the extremity of the matter. But the word deldio says tous that, you are "good conserved systems". You must diventarelamaturity "greased the measure of the height of the fullness ofChrist".Ephesians 4:13. To understand this is of nelladuratafundamental importance of a sobrio Christian.

"Be, issupervising, because ilvostro opposing, the devil, like a walketh ofthe lion ruggirecirca, trying who can devour". Peter 5:8. Satan isreal edesidera to defeat every Christian who can. The terrible truth�lui succeeds very. You must understand that you are in one warspiritosa.Legga understood it the six of Ephesians. You say to that"wrestle not controcarne and spirit but against wickedness spiritosoin the high places, or iheavenlies". Ephesians 6:12. You sayyourselves to "put in the complex armaturadel the God, those ye youcan be able to levarsi in feet against the wiles deldiavolo".Ephesians 6:11. You are in the war but you can esserevictorious. Youdo not have to be defeats. You have the feeding of diovivere in you,"than what? It knows the ye not that your body is iltempiale of theSaint spirit who is in you, which the ye has of the God edil ye is notyours just "? The things of the cuore6:19:20.

Two can defeatthem. Not recognizing laguerra and not the combat the battle. Too manyChristians already lahanno yielded and do not know. They will realizea day, to quelgiorno, the day of judgment of Christ. Then he will beugualmentelate.

How approximately you? You are combat thebattle? Statecontando on the Saint spirit in order to guide them inwhom? Been living it your life for the God or the car? That what wantsthe verdettodel judge righteous is interesting yours life?

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