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  Monday, April 23, 2007  
Utility Aspect of Gayatri Yajnas (Setup web page) and Their Dire Need

Mantra excellent Gayatri and Yajnas are like one inseparablebrace. One is the mother of Indiana cultivation and the other is thefather of spirituality Indian. Both depend mutual on one an other.Without to execute a Yajna to the conclusion of a Gayatri Mantra thatchanting to program (Anushthaan) the remains posterior incomplete. Apart of Japa or Mantra that chanting is under shape of Havan or thesacrifice of the fire. In the antichi periods when people werematerially well outside of a tenth part of the program chanting ofMantra it has been dedicated to Yajna. But to watch the circumstancestoday 100th a part of the number of Mantras chanted is offered likeAhutis (material sacred to the fire of Yajna that says Swaahaa) to aYajna. Without this a Anushthaan remains incomplete. A question canporrsi that that what happens to those who is not materially much goodoutside? The answer is that such individuals would have chantadditional Mantras that piles to tenth part of the number chantedduring the Anushthaan. For they this additional Mantra Japa isconsidered equivalent to carry out a Yajna. Giving to this option itis not like if Yana it is ignoring but that one the relativeimportance even if has been evidenced indirectly. It would have to bestill noticed that this disposition is only for the poor layers ofsociet�.

Un the dialogue between Janak and Yajnavalkya asfar as the availability of the materials of Yajna has not happened.Janak has insistito that the problems of the performances of Yajna aremany and continued Yajnavalkya to give the solutions to those problemsthat they insist therefore that Yajnas was one function a lotimportant of the cultivation of Vedic. Janak has asked: To suppose thematerials of Yajna as Charu is not available that what must be made?The answer was: To lead Yajnas using the materials eats to you from adaily paper of the person (laughed, frumento, grains of the mile etc).Janak has asked: To suppose that not there is food that what thenhappens? The answer is ago with the plants. Janak has asked: Tosuppose that not there are plants? The answer was that use onlySamidha (combustible made up of wood) for the Yajna. Janak has asked:To suppose that the fire in if he is not available? The answer is thatthe fire of faith in a way executes a Yajna mentally using meditative.That is the gist of the long conversation that it hadavvenuto.

Dal aforesaid to be obvious that with GayatriMantra Japa that leads a Yajna it is to must. To advance in aAnushthaan both mutual these conjoined. Gayatri Japa and Yajna of 5times are of fundamental importance. All we know that that oneconjoined to the meditative methods is the rites of Balivaishwa and isnothing but Yajna miniums. During the periods to say this rite ofBalivaishwa has been transformed in therefore in miniscule that thewomen after the taken one of the fire from theirs pyre of baking haveoffered to 5 small leave of a Roti (Indian bread of the frumento) itwhile chanting the Gayatri Mantra. Therefore it is taken in order tobe a Yajna. To advance those who has adored Gayatri regularly also hascarried out this miniscule Yajna. Before that participating food theyremove 5 small portions of food from their slabs and they would offerto one small ciotola to them of fire. Also today this tradition canhere and here be seen in India. Today the mission of Yuga Nirman istrying to rejuvenate this tradion of miniscule Yajnas.

Inancient India large Rishi-Seers has held present to every point, thewisdom, the thin point of view, program of usefullness and declares ofthe facts before undertaking all the program of social welfare of theworld. In spite of giving to the importance due to Yajnas in thereligious activities other garnishments have held many present also.They could not make never some activity that it did not have greatpractical value. They have always have given to the emphasis due toturns out to you and to the attainments while it gives to the moreimportance to all the activity sacred. Therefore the spiritoseactivities have given to Yajnas the more importance between all thatkeep in mind their ability to conced the denizens to the world arematerials that the pr0sperity spiritosa.

In scripture Indianbetween a many names of the God omnipotent is Yajna Purusha. To theinside of the Shruti di Shatpath (you go Vishnu di Yajno) Yajna wouldbe synonymous with the Vishnu getlteman. In the preliminary part ofthe System of Yajnas perforation-Vedas it is described like a guide, apreceptor, a Purohit, Guru etc. While calling those who it sings thedii that eulogies while It must or the divinity manifest the thistries the frutte are called Ratna or jewel. In literature of Vedictherefore a lot the information are supplied on science of Yajna andthe relative deep import that no other information can bind togetherit. In a verse of Vedic supathaa it is said of naya of Agnay raayay.It means to invite sincerely this excellent fire Divine in order totake to all the creatures to the supports of greatness divine. Thesame one meant can be found in the part of Gayatri Mantras ofprachodayaata de the Naha of yo of inner Dheeyo.

All' of thelifestyle normal of the Yajnas humanity inseparablely is limited totheirs rites of cult. Of right from birth to the dead women ShodashaSanskaaras or from the 16 rites of the time they have been prescribedfrom the scriptures Indian. All these are synonymous with the conceptof Yajnas. Without to execute yajna no of these 16 rites they can becompletes to you. The Yajnopaveet word (ceremony sacred of the thread)that Sanskaaras is one of these 16 comes from the Yajna word.Yajnopaveet is one combination of the feelings of Gayatris and therites sacred of Yajna. In union the Indiana ceremony the bride and itgoverns circumambulate the pyre of Yajna without which the ceremony ofunion it remains incomplete. It is only after that thecircumambulation of the pyre of Yajna (7 Pheraas) is executed that thebrace declared as is married or marito/moglie. The last Sanskaara isAntyeshti. The pyre funeral in the relative pure function it is largea graded Yajna. A pyre funeral it can be illuminated with the adequateadequate rules or average however many rules of Yajna must beobserved. The called Puraahuti Kapaal made Kriya is ghi of offer Ahuti(butter chiarito).

Il Yajna anniversary under shape of thefestival of Holi of the colors however pervade in sure shape or theother everywhere. When the cult program the dii/goddesses of the pf iscarries out sure shape to you of a Yajna also is executed. Indetermined to illuminate of cases of the incense sticks or the flame alamp it is taken for being one rappresentazione of a shape of Yajna ofthe miniscule. The incense stick of Overhere simbolizza the materialsof Yajna and the lamp of the flame like ghi offered to the fire ofYajna. Every time that the activities auspicious are carried out sureshape of a Yajna also is carried out. It a real Yajna or arappresentazione of it illuminating the incense sticks and the lamp ofthe flame (Deepak) like saying precedentemente.

Il pointthat has need of the cogitation is perhaps why Yajnas has been given amain point in the Indiana cultivation? While an answer to this we cansure say that more it dives in depth in the concept of Yajnas more therelati ones to you mysteries explain. Then to be obvious of crystalthat Yajnas has they base is in the science that in the wisdom divine.To those principii that it is the material advance that spiritosoposterior is included in the shape of the seed to the inside of theconcept of Yajnas. The principii much vital of peace and bliss it isindividually manifest that universal superbly for means of Yajnassacred.

L' deep import of Yajna connotes spirituality andalso an action of generosity. According to the language of SanskritYajna it comes from the relative Yaja root that has 3 that is means 1)the charity to you of congregation the 3 of divinity 2)). These 3 aredivine flows that increase the qualities large in are individual thatworld in its together. The Divinity means a character sacred in fullload of the divine qualities. The Congregation means the unit, thecooperation and the fratellanza of the world. The means engagement ofcharity to social well-being and to aim to realize the dream of theworld has joined pacifically like family. In other words it means thegeneration Of BEAUTIFUL WORLD BORDERLESS. Therefore Yajna representsall these 3 flows of the activities. A small flag can also be calledthat represents these several activities. The burning red torch ofJnana Yajna (wisdom) moreover is called the representative of thisfire of Yajna. The turn of thought and Ritambhara Divine Prajna orIntellect is the vital force of excellent Mantra Gayatri. To theinside of the movement of Yajna the devout people are given to theinspiration due in order translate the qualities pious in socialactions and other knows some of the professional. The progress base isfound in the acquaintance and the actions. The Pious actions arecalled penance and the wisdom sacred is called Yoga. Also for materialprogress the intense perseveranza and the formation are givenprominence on. To the inside of they one obtains a glimpse of thegarnishments of Yajna and of Gayatri.

La spiritosaphilosophy of lifes the Yajna it renders the large and full man ofglory. With the concept of the cosmic conscience (getlteman omnipotentfor lay) the Vedas exhort we to participate to Yajnaavashishta (restssanctified of the offered ones of Yajna). That swindle eats without tobe shared with others is called one and a ladro. There is much VedicSooktas (verses) that they say that the demigods they have caught upthe divinity for means of Yajnas. Here the humanity of the world iscommant in order to work for well-being of the world. In a nutshell wecan say that the philosophy of Yajna motivates the humanity of theworld for imbibe a great character to the specific level and the levelof the world an unit and fratellanza sense working selflessly for therelati ones to you material and spiritoso progress. That is thatsupreme distance that will help them to catch up all the round advanceis individually that cosmico.

Mentre to describe to the thininspirations imbued in the image iconic of Yajnas an adaptedinstruction a lot is given to the individuals in order to carry outpurity interna/esterna and this marks the powerful world is materiallythat spiritual. This instruction is therefore extraordinary that isdifficult to find the relative match in others scriptures sacred. Thefire of manifest Yajna many special qualities like segue:

1)always Maintaining to the high-uniform head if there is a problemnever does not allow that the head strugga gi�

2) We mustourselves be dealt all which we contact as ours uguali.

3)Any one obtains or earns does not have accumulated but to be used forpeace and the pr0sperity of the mondo.

4) not to never allowto the lack for how much the heat and the light for attacare yourexistence stessa.

5) To always use yours prowess materialand spiritoso for well-being of mondo.

Secondo the Yagna ofthe System of Perforazione-Veda the fire is a Purohit (priest) namefrom Almighty God and in spite of the dumb one remaining of speech itinspires the denizens of the world to aspire for all the roundprogress and peace via the relative activities. If the socialformation adapted communicates in which before one it understands theimportance to of the 5 glories advanced and then to put them inpractical the divinity it can be manifested in the humanity and thesky as the situation will be manifested on earth. Therefore Satyuga orthe golden age that they have reigned in the antichi periods can sendback with vim larger and the vigor to along measures in order to come.The tricolor of the small flag of Indias simbolizza the 3 principii onwhich the progress of Indias it is based over. If only a wisdom and abased description sentimental sacred delle 5 inspirations del fire ofYajna can be given they can imbibed easy is dall' individual that theygive it to society nel its entirety for all the round development.Affinch� the transformation of was manifests in an expert way with aradiating future of the world these ideals must be recorded saldamentein the psyche of humanity of the mondo.

Si says that afterYajnas of effettuazione the demigods they have caught up the divinity.Moreover one says that only via Yajnas it can align the manifestBrahmin-pointed hood in animal-men. A third party of the 6 executedactivities Brahmins must be dedicated to Yajnas of effettuazione andhelping other laici they make therefore. From an indirect point ofview to the inside of these proclamations grandeur of the thosegarnishments pertinent to the purity and brightness they are marks toyou that they are the stones of the foundation of the same force oflife of peace of the world and yajna/di fratellanza. The entire cycleof the circumambulates of the individual and the society, the natureand the creation on the axis of the small wheel of Yajnas. It is thephilosophy of Yajna of the generous cooperation that generates thesituations of activeness, of good administration, of the advance andgioia/della the peace in every nook and of the angle of the world. Theduration of the chariot human works because all simply very well therelative parts (organs appreciate the heart, i lungs etc) works intandem. Ere these organs harbor the strait has been taken care of theattitudes, the selfishness, vanity and the refusals to cooperatebetween they our travel of the lifes will be concluded on the place.The cycle of the water of the nature is glade of the crystal: Theclouds obtain the water from the ocean, the earth from clouds, therivers from earth and the ocean from the flowing rivers. If a piedinoof this cycle it is even obstructed to know for sure that our earth ofthe planet will fry like the infernos burning. In the living beingcycle, the living beings devour the plants. The plants to they timeobtain their food from the feces and the urine of the living beings.Both are connect mutual with one an other to you. The plants esalanothe oxygen that is a life support many creatures, particularly humanbeings. To they the gas of the carbon dioxide turns the human beingsesalano that is inalato for the sustenance from the plant reign. Thesame cooperation magnanimous exists between the animals and the humanbeings. That is Yajna according to the Vedas and therefore the smallwheel of the creazione/Tempo continues to ruotare. Imbibing theconcept to align of Yajna the man obtains a golden occasion toincrease more on in the life particularly respect to other beings. Butwhen this ideal sacred is ignored the situations to say innumerous aretestified the world over. When the activities sacred of Yajna imbibedto align every problem find the relative solution. The well-being andthe human ideals of Yajna are 2 piedini of a single one tenet.Therefore the author of Bhagwad Geeta says: The human beings generatePrajaapati and Yajnas to you simultaneously and have asserted that ifworked for mutual well-being in tandem not one of they difetter�liberations of the joy, the peace and one effort life. This tenetlarge of well-being of the world is called philosophy of Yajna. Sothat the world is instructd to such Agnihotra care (sacrifice of thefire) under shape of a solution iconic has been revered likereligiosa/spiritosa activity principale.

Yajna alsoencompasses material science. Yajnas contribute gigantically bypurifying foul air and rendering it very fragrant. Thus man?s verylife support viz. air/oxygen is rendered clean and pollution free.Today air pollution has become to very big world problem and hence ifthe concept of Yajna is given two importance air pollution can bedestroyed from its very roots.

Yajna bacteria Energy aboundswith power to destroy and other germs that causes various diseases. Weto are quite sure such an easy, widespread and cheap method of healinghas yet to be unearthed to dates. Ancient spiritual texts to are fullof healing methods both as to make as the mind and physical body toare concerned. These If only pages to are opened and referred toavidly not only bodily but psychological/psychiatric illnesses too canbe tackled very efficiently. Amongst various healing methods the worldover Yajna healing can get predominance simply because its healingherbs to are administered with great ease in the human body via verysubtle/pure air. Today medicines to are administered using very grossmediums and hence they fail to penetrated very deeply into the variousorgans of the body. Vile more If today?s world situation is analyzedvery deeply what stands out that than physical diseases it is mentaltaints like bad habits, addiction to drugs etc, criminal tendencies,unruliness, anger, erroneous thinking, hatred and to stressful lifewhich gives more hardships to world humanity. Thus when Yajna Therapywill be presented in to very compact form to the entire world it willsurely help overcome mental stress and bodily diseases in to bigway.

The cosmic widespread influence of Yajna programsresult in benefits like Parjanya especially in drought and famineconditions. The gross meaning of Parjanya is clouds and hence rains.But the subtle meaning is rain of Vital Force. In the ancient times ofthe Yajna It was heavy rains lashed out in all corners of the world.For this special Yajnas can be conducted pertaining to rain bearingcloud formation. Even today, many to Time this Yajna technique hasgiven wonderful results wherein it rained on otherwise parched andarid lands. And yet Parjanya should not be restricted to showering ofrain water. Instead the deeper meaning is said to be the Vital ForcePrinciple which via the medium of Yajnas is formed in space and viawind and clouds it gets showered as Vital Force rain water. This rainof Vital neo Force creates the inner personality of both animated andinanimate beings (an outstanding method of personality development).This Vital Force based more Parjanya nourishes and makes potentmaterials like plants, herbs, water, food, air, milk etc which to arevital for man?s sustenance. Their power augments manifold. With theresult if any animal, bird, human being etc utilize these theirradiance will surely go in the upward direction in an untold manner.This attainment doubtlessly will aid all round progress of the toentire world.

More than purification of air it is moreprudent to sanctify the world?s to atmosphere. Also air AIDS goodhealth. The to atmosphere influences every nook of our personality andhence in its development. In turn it gives to positively wholesomedirection to our previously wayward thinking process. Thus to strongfoundation of transformation of our actions (social, professional etc)is laid down. The Yuga Nirmaan Mission aims at sanctifying worldpsyche from its very grass Roots. For this not doubt, activities ofpropaganda and creativity to are required, writings and speeches onthis subject to are welcome but remember that these gross endeavorscannot fully influence and transform those sensitive layers of thehuman psyche. In fact the very flow of the subtle world will have tobe reversed. The to atmosphere definitely is influenced by winter,summer, rains etc and this in turn will transform world circumstancesby leaps and bound. In the same way, if the measure of greatnessinspiring elements augment to great deal in the subtle atmosphere itwill be to tad easier to flow along with the general trends of theworld. When it becomes windy the speed of to boat picks up to lot. Tocertain wholesome atmosphere needs to be created if to bright worldfuture has to set in. This is to where Gayatri Yajnas step in and takeover the mantle of inducing, to conducive subtle atmosphere.

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